we build!

Exploring the tech scene in Singapore? Connect with designers, makers and engineers!


We Build SG curates the local grassroots ground-up community of engineers, designers and makers in Singapore.

Any technology community in a city or region consists of four pillars: (1) educational and research institutes (2) government and military (3) industry and startups (4) grassroots and voluntary organisations. We Build SG collects and gathers the activities of the 4th pillar which is also made up of people coming from the other 3 pillars of technology. We specifically collect activities on open events and open source.

We curate, collect and gather information about the community in 4 ways: (1) automatically list open event and open source updates on We Build SG Main website (2) visualise the data collected through charts, graphs and maps on We Build SG Data (3) interview engineers, designers and makers through a live internet podcast with We Build SG Live (4) collate a list of useful tips for organising meetups, attending technical conferences and contributing to open source with We Build SG Notes.